Logista maintains a commitment to creating short, medium and long-term value for its shareholders and investors.

To do this, it safeguards business profits, managing financial and non-financial risks carefully and responsibly, while maintaining open and transparent dialogue with shareholders, investors and financial analysts as one of the foundations for long-term sustainability.

Logista’s Information and Communications Policy concerning shareholders, the securities markets and public opinion stipulates the company’s information, communication and contact tools, and outlines the criteria for action when communicating with and contacting shareholders, analysts and large investors.

Logista manages the relationship with shareholders and the wider financial community through the Investor Relations department, with a commitment to maximum information transparency and a steadfast adherence to the relevant legislation.

Logista therefore offers the investor community key information about the Company in relation to its strategy, activities and results, through the information published on its website, and through meetings, person-to-person contacts, participation in conferences and seminars, etc.

Since March 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our ‘roadshows’ and participation in conferences and seminars have been virtual; and person-to-person contacts have primarily been via telephone instead of in person. From June 2020, we began to hold face-to-face contacts with any investors requesting such a meeting, although the majority of communications have continued to be by telephone or online.

Logista and the Stock Market

Logista is listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange General Index, and the IBEX Top Dividend, which lists the 25 securities with the greatest dividend yield from those included in the IBEX 35, IBEX Medium Cap and IBEX Small Cap indexes, provided they demonstrate a history of payment of ordinary dividends for at least two years. It is also listed on the IBEX Medium Cap (the index listing the 20 largest securities after those listed on the IBEX 35 by market capitalisation adjusted for free float, provided the annualised turnover of securities on their free float is greater than 15%) and the FTSE4Good index, which lists companies that demonstrate sound environmental, social and corporate governance practices.

Since the 2014 financial year-end, the year in which the company was listed once again, Logista has maintained its value (+0.2% annually average appreciation), compared to an average annual decline of 8.2%, 4.5% and 4.8% on the Madrid Stock Exchange General Index, IBEX Top Dividend and IBEX Medium Cap respectively over the same period. At the 2020 financial year-end, the Logista share price stood at €14.6.


Equal treatment

Every shareholder has the same rights, on an equal and equitable basis.

Logista encourages shareholders to participate in the General Shareholders’ Meeting, the Company’s highest body and fundamental forum for shareholders to take part in decision-making and share their opinions and concerns with the Board of Directors and other shareholders.

All Logista shareholders are entitled to attend the General Shareholders’ Meeting on an equal and equitable basis, irrespective of the number of shares they own.

Logista provides all shareholders with information about the holding of the General Meeting on the Company website (, with access to the electronic forum for participation.

On this occasion, following recommendations from the competent authorities, in light of the situation caused by the pandemic, for the March 2020 General Shareholders’ Meeting Logista recommended that shareholders and investors exercise their voting right using the remote voting tools it provided, namely postal voting and electronic voting.

In addition, and to enable the proceeds of the Meeting to be followed remotely by all shareholders, Logista broadcast the meeting live for the first time, through a webcast available at

Logista’s dividends policy, subject to approval by the General Shareholders’ Meeting, consists of distributing a payout of at least 90% of the Consolidated Net Annual Profit.

Logista therefore paid an interim dividend of 0.39 euros per share on 28 August 2020, allocated to the 2020 results and, in addition, the Company’s Board of Directors intends to propose to the General Shareholders’ Meeting distributing an additional dividend of 0.79 euros per share, to be paid at the end of Q2 2021.

The total dividend allocated to the 2020 financial year will therefore be 1.18 euros per share, same amount as that distributed in dividend allocated to the previous financial year, and representing a payout of 99.2%.

Capital structure
Capitalisation at financial year-end (€ million) 1,911.6 2,238.2 2,636.4 2,700.82,936.42,373.61,938.2
Closing price (€) 14.4 16.9 19.9 20.322.117.914.6
Maximum price (€) 14.4 20.2 21.6 24.223.722.821.3
Minimum price (€) 13.0 12.9 16.7
Total Volume (shares)24,614,88760,184,15340,296,05035,104,38965,615,28141,954,96141,772,377
Average daily volume (shares)431,840236,016156,186137,127258,327164,529163,173
Turnover (% of share capital)18.5%45.3%30.4%26.4%49.4%31.6%31.5%

*Since 14 July 2014: initial listing. Source: Bloomberg

Capital structure

All Logista’s shares belong to a single class and series with identical rights.

At the 2020 financial year-end, Logista had 522,273 treasury shares, to meet the share distribution commitments resulting from the Company’s incentives plans.

Significant shareholdings to 30 September 2020

During the 2020 financial year, the most significant changes in the shareholder structure was the 5% increase in Capital Income Builder’s ownership interest, and the 3% drop in the ownership interests of BlackRock, Santander Asset Management SA SCIIC and Allianz Global Investors GmbH.

Capital structure
No. of Shares 132,750,000132,750,000132,750,000132,750,000132,750,000132,750,000132,750,000
Share Capital26,550,55026,550,55026,550,55026,550,55026,550,55026,550,55026,550,550
Par Value0.
Treasury Shares-40,614275,614391,432425,496486,013522,273
Treasury Shares as % of share capital-0.03%0.21%0.29%0.32%0.37%0.39%

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