Logista is southern Europe’s largest distributor to local retailers.

It serves around 250,000 points of sale in Spain, France, Italy and Portugal, efficiently facilitating manufacturers access to convenience products, electronic top-ups, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, books, publications and lottery markets, among others, in a transparent way and with full operational control.


General principles of conduct

As a group, Logista shares the values of respect, professionalism, initiative and commitment. These values are explicitly stated in its Code of Conduct and, together with other behavioural guidelines in the code, these underpin the unique business model that defines us.

We extend these values to our management of the supply chain, establishing business relationships with reputable, trustworthy suppliers with professional and ethical business practices.

Logista’s General Principles of Conduct set out the minimum standards and basic rules of conduct that must govern the activities of suppliers in their dealings with Logista, towards their own employees and other third parties involved in carrying out their activities.

Unique business model

Logista has developed a unique business model that combines specialist distribution and integrated logistics with exclusive value-added services and powerful Business Intelligence tools. This gives it flexibility in meeting its clients’ needs and enables it to comply with the regulatory requirements and standards of each sector.

Logista’s quality proposal is based on its capacity to combine wholesale distribution and logistics with other value-added services for our clients, in line with their product strategies. This allows them to focus on their main business operations while maintaining visibility on their route to market.

With full transparency and traceability, Logista acts as single supplier for all the services making up the supply chain, offering advanced and specialist services for each sector and point-of-sale channel in which it operates.

It achieves this through its comprehensive infrastructure network combined with its transport and information systems, enabling it to manage the distribution of products from collection to point-of-sale delivery.

Logista also provides omnichannel marketing of products and services via its web platforms, point-of-sale terminals, cash & carry service points, call centres and sales force.

Through its network, Logista manages the distribution of a wide range of consumer products to different local retailers (convenience stores, confectionery and tobacconists, pharmacies, kiosks, bookshops, etc.) in Spain, France, Italy and Portugal. It regularly serves around 250,000 points of sale used by some 45 million consumers every day. Logista also provides distribution to wholesalers in Poland.


Differentiating aspects

Logista has developed a business model that is unique in the market, and which is transforming the model of distribution to specialist retail channels that sell a wide range of products and services. Our value proposition stands out from other wholesalers because:

We respect manufacturers’ product strategies in each channel and provide specialist and transparent distribution of their products to retail channels through a single service provider, enabling them to focus on their core business, while at the same time achieving economies of scale.

We have highly specialised staff who are continually working to anticipate their clients’ needs and offering them new services that meet those needs.

We provide a broad portfolio of products and services through a single point of contact and with omnichannel order-taking capacity for retail points of sale. By offering them specialist technological solutions (with Point-of-Sale Terminals developed in-house), we provide day-to-day simplicity and bring them opportunities to grow their business.

We have an operating model that combines volume consolidation at large logistics centres where operations can be automated, with the nationwide roll-out of service points providing a presence close to the point of sale. This way of working provides synergies and flexibility for rapid adaptation to changes in the level of activity.

Logista’s business model stands out for its transparency, specialisation, flexibility and service quality, together with an overall approach to doing business that is based on respect and collaboration with all our stakeholders. This differentiation is reflected in high retention rates of our client portfolio, in many cases 100%, and in our solid margins and levels of return on capital employed.

Business areas

Tobacco and related products

Distribution of tobacco products and other convenience products, including tobacco and non-tobacco related products, to the tobacconist channel in Spain, France and Italy, and to points of sale to distribute tobacco, in the case of Portugal. In Spain and Italy, this also includes the distribution of convenience products to other proximity channels.


Management of full load and long-distance transport throughout Europe, temperature-controlled capillary transport in Spain and Portugal, and express courier services for parcels and documents in Spain and Portugal.

Through this business area, Logista provides transport services to its other businesses and to third parties.

Other businesses

Pharmaceutical products and publication distribution and logistics services in Iberia, as well as wholesale distribution of convenience products to different tobacco and convenience retailers in France.

Market position

Logista is southern Europe’s largest distributor to local retailers.

We are the preferred distribution partner for manufacturers, providing them with their route to consumers through simple and rapid access to proximity channels. We offer all the services they need to reach hundreds of thousands of independent points of sale, from the most basic outlets to those with greater value-add.

As a hospital distributor and logistics operator, Logista is constantly developing dedicated services for each sector, and works closely with clients to tailor its offering to their current needs and to anticipate their future needs.

As a transport services operator, Logista pursues a strategy of differentiation by specialising in high-value products in long-distance transport; temperature-controlled parcel transport, and by offering the very highest standard of courier service to business clients (B2B).

Consolidated Income Statement Highlights
€ millions Financial Year 2020 Financial Year 2019
Income 10,559 10,148
Economic sales 1,157 1,149
(-) Operating cost of logistics networks (750) (736)
(-) Commercial operating expenses (66) (69)
(-) Operating expenditure on research and central offices (85) (82)
Total operating costs (900) (887)
Adjusted EBIT 257 262
Margin % 22.2% 22.8%
(-) Restructuring costs (12) (11)
(-) Amort. Logista France assets (52) (52)
(+/-) Profit/(loss) on disposal and impairment 13 5
(+/-) Profit/(loss) from equity-accounted companies and other 1 1
Operating profit 206 204
(+) Financial income 17 15
(-) Financial expenses (5) (2)
Profit/(loss) before tax 219 217
(-) Corporate income tax (61) (52)
Effective tax rate 27.9% 24.1%
(+/-) Other income / (expenses) 0 0
(-) Non-controlling interests (0) (0)
Net profit 157 165
Consolidated balance sheet highlights
€ millions 30 September 2020 30 September 2019
Property, plant and equipment and other fixed assets 373 229
Net long-term financial investments 19 18
Net goodwill 921 921
Other intangible assets 408 457
Deferred tax assets 19 19
Net inventory 1,294 1,283
Net receivables and other 1,986 1,946
Cash and cash equivalents 2,827 2,211
Total Assets 7,847 7,084
Shareholders' funds 514 519
Non-controlling interests 2 2
Non-current liabilities 168 44
Deferred tax liabilities 254 265
Short-term borrowings 77 38
Short-term provisions 14 12
Trade and other payables 6,819 6,205
Total Liabilities 7,847 7,084

Group structure

Compañía de Distribución Integral Logista Holdings, S.A.

Governing bodies

Operational structure

During 2020, gender imbalance on the Board of Directors and on the Management Committee was addressed through increased representation of women.

Logista’s organisational structure is headed by the Chief Executive Officer and supported by a Management Committee.

Due to the passing of his predecessor in October 2019, the Board of Directors appointed new Chief Executive Officer Íñigo Meirás in December 2019. Our new CEO has reconfigured the group’s Management Committee, simplifying its structure and reducing the number of its constituent members (five corporate directors and three managing directors heading up each geographical area, to whom the heads of the business areas from each area report).

This new composition of the Management Committee has allowed us to strengthen our strategic focus with new corporate leadership that will have an impact on the group’s strategic development.


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