January 29, 2020
  • Economic Sales grew by 4.1%, up to €292.4 million
  • Net Profits rose by 3.3%, up to €37.2 million
  • The company increased its 2018 dividend by 5.4%, up to €1.18 per share, through a final payment of €0.81 per share in March 2020
  • Logista becomes one of the top two distributors worldwide, and the only one in Europe, to be included in CDP’s A-List of global leaders in the fight against climate change, for the fourth consecutive year.


Logista increased its Revenues by 7.5% YoY, to reach €2.581.5 billion, fuelled by its growth in every market. 

Economic Sales1 grew by 4.1%, up to €292.4 million, driven by improvements in its Iberian and Italian activities. It is worth highlighting increased sales of convenience products in all regions (except for channels other than tobacconists in France), the transport business and tobacco distribution in Iberia and Italy. 

Logista has maintained its strict cost control policy, which increased by 4.4% in line with increased Economic Sales1, during a quarter in which traceability services have been fully operational.

Adjusted EBIT1 increased by 3.1%, up to €61.4 million, while EBIT1 grew by 7.3%, reaching €47.5 million, and the margin on Economic Sales1 remained at 21%, in line with the same period of 2019. 

Restructuring costs1 were significantly reduced, from €5.2 million during the first quarter of last year to €1.7 million in this quarter, while the tax rate rose from 23.7% to 26.3%, leading to Net Profits1 of €37.2 million, a 3.3% increase YoY.


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