Logista provides the books’ publisher with the broadest distribution service, while becoming the referencing supplier for points of sale through its subsidiary Logista Libros.

Logista Libros is the largest independent book distributor in Spain. It has what is most likely the largest and technologically most advanced library in the Iberian Peninsula, with some 28 million books in stock of some 255,000 references. 

Logista Libros also provides distribution services coming from e-commerce, including B2C, distribution platform and buffering warehouse related. 

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Logista Libros provides full books control, traceability and complete information, since it takes responsibility of them until they are delivered at the point of sale or at home, keeping all information on the books and real time stock helping to adjust print runs and to unify logistics processes, including reverse logistics or processes to reuse and sell returned copies. 

Likewise, Logista Books offers a new integrated service of on demand printing and distribution in collaboration with Lantia Publishing, making disappear the concept of out-of-stock book. 

Bookshops and points of sale can already request copies to Logista Books, even a single unit, of out-of-stock books and that are produced on the reader’s demand. With this service, publishers can optimize the print runs of their editions and bookshops have access to sold out books, optimizing the commercial space at their points of sale and providing books with a new life. 

Full control and Traceability

Delivery in point of sale or at home

On demand printing


Value Chain

Logista provides the most extensive value chain in the market, facilitating route for products to consumer through a single supplier all in a transparent and efficient manner, ensuring full control across the whole the chain.


Omnichannel order taking from points of sale


Purchase of products, Storage and Real-time stocks management


Automated orders preparation


Transport and Distribution


Invoicing and Collection


Customer & After-Sales service