In Logista, we provide the most extensive value chain, that includes from omnichannel order taking from points of sale and products purchase and supply to the after sale service

Logista facilitates route for products to consumer through a single supplier all in a transparent and efficient manner, ensuring full control across the whole the chain.

We offer to our clients the most advanced and specialized services for each sector and channel of points of sale in which it operates.

Manufacturers and points of sale so have a specialized distribution service adapted to products, to the point of sale and their end-consumer, together with other added value services and powerful Business Intelligence tools.

Our vertical and integrated model of distribution, transport and information system infrastructures secures the efficiency in operations, ensures full control and real time traceability in the specialized distribution, while providing proximity to the point of sale through hundreds of service points in the countries where we operate.

- Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals, Internet, cash & carry, telephone...

- Online order processing and follow-up

- Customized safety stock management

- Adaptability to different types of products

- Availability of tax and bonded warehouses

- Temperature-controlled storage

- Consolidation of orders from several suppliers with single delivery

- Customized labelling and packaging

- Automated classification of shipments

- Integrated temperature-controlled transport and distribution

- Design and management of computerised open routes

- Merchandise risk coverage

- Online connection with loading and unloading centres, and carriers

- Fleet control and monitoring

- Collections via cash on delivery, credit card, bank transfer, direct debit…

- Administrative support

- Incidents management

- Up-to-date maintenance of applications and price information

- POS terminals and applications designed by Logista for point of sale management

- Service points for point of sale supply and service

- Real time information on orders

- Incidents and returns management

- Exchange of goods

- Centralized customer information hotline service

Services for manufacturers

Logista provides a specialized distribution service adapted to the product, the point of sale and its end consumer, with total control of operations and full knowledge and information on the markets.                                   

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Services for Points of Sale

Logista provides points of sale with a wide portfolio of products and services adapted to their clients through an efficient distribution, while helps them to increase their revenues and profitability. 

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