Logista provides points of sale with a wide portfolio of products and services


adapted to their clients through an efficient distribution, while helps them to increase their revenues and profitability.

We distribute convenience products, top-ups, tobacco products, pharmaceuticals, books, publications and lotteries, among others, to some 300,000 points of sale in Spain, France, Italy and Portugal. Moreover, Logista provides them with several tools to improve their businesses’ management.


We offer our points of sale-clients a capillary network of service points and cash & carries with local and near presence, where they may access products, services, direct contact and after-sales service.


This network is added to Logista’s e-commerce multiproduct platform, Point of Sale Terminals, call centre and sales force, providing the point of sale with the most varied possibilities of accessing the products and services portfolio.


We so facilitate transforming points of sale into true convenience shops, increasing their commercial attractive and collaborating in the sustainability of their businesses.


Proximity to the point of sale

Wide portfolio of product and services

Integration with the point of sale