February 04, 2021
  • Logista's fiscal year 2020 ended with an operating profit of 206 million euros.
  • Despite the crisis, Logista has maintained a dividend of 1.18 euros per share, the same as the previous year.
  • Íñigo Meirás, CEO of Logista, highlighted that "our response to this challenge has been exemplary at all levels and we have contributed to facilitating access to essential goods, medical equipment and medicines to all citizens ".

Logista's Shareholders’ General Meeting, held virtually today, has agreed to distribute a dividend of 1.18 euros per share charged to the results of the 2020 fiscal year, the same amount as what was distributed in 2019. The company remains committed to a distribution of at least 90% of annual Net Profit obtained.

Logista’s shareholders have also approved the Annual Accounts for the year, which ended with an operating profit of 206 million euros, 1% higher than the previous year, with a Net Profit of 157 million euros, 4.5% lower than in 2019, mainly due to the increase in the tax rate faced by the company, which stood at 27.9%, compared to 24.1% in the previous year.

Gregorio Marañón, chairman of the Board of Directors, assured during his speech to shareholders that "the results we are presenting today have inevitably been impacted by the consequences of the pandemic, for the months between March and September 2020”.

Regarding the pandemic, the company highlighted its great capacity to successfully resolve complex and unpredictable situations, guaranteeing supply to the population at key moments, and has also been essential in the distribution of pharmaceutical products when people's health has been at the center of the agenda.

The company also emphasised the involvement of its team, which had made every effort to maintain activity in the countries in which it operates. And it has been achieved by following the necessary security measures to protect those who are part of the company, adapting every day to the new regulations that have arisen, demonstrating that it is a resilient and flexible company, two of its most relevant characteristics.

Íñigo Meirás, CEO of Logista, highlighted the company's efforts to implement measures to help its customers carry out their activities: "this is a sign of the agility that the company has demonstrated at all times to help its customers adapt to the new needs that the pandemic has brought to the fore”. He also highlighted some examples: "Nacex has ensured the necessary sanitary conditions in deliveries through a contactless service, or by promoting the Nacex shop delivery and collection points. With these measures, we have also played a key role in the development and sustainable growth of e-commerce in a secure manner”.

In terms of financial indicators, revenues were 4% higher than in the previous year, while Company’s Economic Sales grew by 0.7% thanks to the improvements recorded in Italy and Iberia, which mitigated a lower activity in France and EBIT was 1% higher.

Finally, in reference to the current situation, Meirás commented that "we have a year ahead of us that will continue to be impacted by the health crisis we are still experiencing. But we are optimistic and look to the future with hope. We have shown that Logista is a solid and essential company and will continue to be so in the following months and years”.


Sustainability as a fundamental pillar

For Logista, sustainability is at the heart of its objectives. Guided by the European Green Deal and wanting to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, the company has a strong commitment to continue improving and reducing the environmental impact of the activity, applying measures related to energy efficiency and the reduction of emissions.  

The company has been included in the A-List of the CDP ranking, an exclusive list made up of 131 companies from all over the world, which includes the companies that make the greatest efforts in terms of sustainability and the fight against climate change.

It also maintains its firm commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and has once again managed to position itself among the leaders in the sector by being recognised in 2020 with an MSCI rating of AA, the scale of which is AAA-CCC.


About Logista

Logista is the leading distributor in southern Europe. It regularly serves more than 250,000 points of sale in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Poland and facilitates the best and fastest access to the market of a wide range of convenience products, electronic refills, pharmaceuticals, books, publications, tobacco and lotteries, among others. Logista has a team of highly qualified professionals made up of 5,900 direct employees and 15,000 collaborators, focused on serving its customers in the most efficient way and adapted to their needs.