June 03, 2021

The aim of the “Sustainable Delivery” stamp is to promote responsible consumption in society and generate greater commitment to sustainability among organizations

NACEX, Logista’s express parcel and documentation delivery company, has adhered to the “Sustainable Delivery” movement, which seeks to promote responsible consumption in society and generate greater commitment to sustainability among organizations.  The movement is driven by the “Empresas por la Movilidad Sostenible” platform (Businesses for Sustainable Mobility) within the framework of European Green Week and has been presented to CONAMA, a Spanish non-profit foundation that promotes dialogue to develop sustainability.

E-commerce continues to increase at a 2-digit rate per year and, due to COVID-19, it has grown by up to 70% for some products. This growth has been accompanied by a greater number of new people buying via this channel.

This shopping model has a high impact on consumption habits, mobility in cities and on the environment. In particular, B2C causes great inefficiency in its processes due to the deconsolidated delivery of small quantities of orders to private homes, which, in addition, are located in urban areas that do not have zones prepared for delivery, nor defined opening hours.  As a result, a lot of inefficiency and negative impact is caused.

By adhering to the “Sustainable Delivery” movement, NACEX reaffirms its commitment to sustainability, subscribing to a manifesto by means of which it voluntarily commits to providing its services in the most sustainable way possible, as well as providing the consignee with information that allows them to choose the most sustainable delivery option at the time they are shopping.

NACEX already provides over 2,200 NACEX.shop points in order to reduce emissions in last mile delivery. In addition, the company is adapting its urban delivery network by means of new sustainable vehicles, so that 75% of the kilometres covered by its fleet in 2023 will be by vehicles with low emissions.

Furthermore, this year, NACEX aims to reduce the average age of its structural route vehicles to a maximum of 30 months, guaranteeing the latest technology in safety, security, and efficiency. The company involves its clients in its environmental commitment, by making packaging available to them that is made using ecological materials that are 100% recyclable.

Since 2014, NACEX has been measuring the Carbon Footprint of all its shipments and makes this information available to its clients via www.nacex.com. Thanks to a strategy designed to improve the efficiency of deliveries by means of different initiatives that permit the optimization of journeys, among other additional benefits, NACEX reduced its CO2 emissions by 35% in 2020, minimizing its impact on mobility in cities and on the environment.

According to Arianne Muñoz, NACEX Marketing Director, “the Sustainable Delivery movement is in line with the efforts we are making to reduce our Carbon Footprint, an objective we are fully dedicated to as part of our strategy in terms of sustainability and the commitment to the environment”.

As one of the affiliated organisations, NACEX will be able to use the “Sustainable Delivery” stamp.  This way, the clients will be able to easily recognize this environmental commitment.


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