January 12, 2022
  • More and more recipients choose points in the NACEX.shop network to send, pick up or return their shipments


Deliveries made via NACEX.shop points have increased by 118.65% in just one year, a figure that highlights the fact that more and more consignees prefer to pick up their shipments and make returns at a convenient point in their network, due to the flexibility and proximity they offer.

This growth is part of the company's current strategy, which aims to respond to the changes that have occurred in the market, with strong growth in B2C delivery, via its network of points. To this end, NACEX has been immersed in an ambitious expansion plan for some time, and currently offers more than 2,300 points on the mainland to send, pick up or return online purchases.

In parallel to this growth strategy, which it has developed to strengthen its network and be increasingly close to its consignees and customers, during 2021 NACEX has worked in different ways to encourage the delivery of shipments via its NACEX.shop network.

One of the main initiatives has been the campaign “Choose your sustainable delivery and get much more”, with which the sustainability of the service and its advantages in the consignee’s daily life have been advertised. This has been very well received by consignees using its NACEX.shop service.

Likewise, NACEX has once again invested in communication and technology to facilitate the interaction of the consignee with the delivery method. This initiative allows them to select a sustainable delivery option with NACEX.shop, as well as to make a much clearer and more intuitive search for a delivery point, highlighting the possibility of being able to get the shipment earlier, from 9 am or 12 pm.

True to its commitment to innovation in order to respond to market trends, in 2021 NACEX also presented a new service for the eCommerce sector that promotes delivery to its network of points and is focussing on NACEX.shop, not only as a first delivery option, but also to provide help and support in the distribution of deliveries when the recipient is absent from his home, by facilitating collection at a point close to their home.

Thanks to all these initiatives, NACEX is managing to increase deliveries to its network of NACEX.shop points every day. In addition, it responds to the growth of B2C delivery with the commitment to continue providing quality services, which adapt to market trends and improve the experience of customers and consignees, with more effective deliveries, guaranteeing greater satisfaction with the delivery process and optimising the last mile. 


About NACEX – www.nacex.com


NACEX has a wide range of services available and forms part of Logista, the leading distributor of products and services to local retailers in the South of Europe.

NACEX has a fleet of over 2,000 vehicles and over 3,500 collaborators, as well as a network of 32 hubs, more than 300 franchise offices in Spain, Portugal, and Andorra, and over 2,200 NACEX.shop points in Spain and Portugal.


 About Logista  – www.logista.com

Logista is the leading distributor in Southern Europe. It regularly provides a service to over 250,000 points of sale in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, and Poland, and facilitates the best and fastest access to the market for a wide range of convenience, electronic top-up, pharmaceutical, book, publication, tobacco, and lottery products, among others. Logista counts on a team of highly qualified professionals, made up of 5,900 direct employees and 15,000 collaborators, focussed on providing service to their clients in the most efficient way, and adapting to their needs.