November 14, 2022
  • Both organizations have reached an agreement whereby the distribution company will offer job opportunities to vulnerable people

Logista, one of the largest logistics operators in southern Europe, has signed an agreement with Fundación Integra to promote the integration of disadvantaged groups in the workplace. In this way, the distribution company will offer job opportunities to vulnerable people, such as victims of gender violence, people with disabilities and/or in a situation of severe social exclusion.

By this action, the distribution company continues to strengthen its social commitment and will offer job opportunities to people at risk of social exclusion. The program will also include a component of internal volunteering through which Logista employees will participate in Fundación Integra's School of Empowerment, offering training workshops to provide these people with the skills and tools necessary for their integration into the workplace.

This new agreement strengthens the relationship between Logista and Fundación Integra, which, with the support of committed companies like Logista, has provided more than 19,600 jobs to people in severe social exclusion and people with disabilities since 2001. The two organizations had already collaborated previously in the labor inclusion of women in vulnerable situations.

Ana Botella, Fundación Integra’s executive president, and Juan José Guajardo-Fajardo, Logista’s HR, Marketing and Communication Director, have signed this collaboration that will improve the employability and training in social and labor skills of people in social exclusion. "We want to continue growing as a socially responsible company, and we are proud to be able to do so while normalizing practices that will improve the lives of many people," explained Guajardo-Fajardo.

On the other hand, Ana Botella highlighted that "the importance of Logista's entry into Compromiso Integra is the great support it provides for the social and labor integration of the most disadvantaged people, who want to leave their past behind and take back the reins of their lives with hope. This collaboration makes it possible for both organizations to generate a positive social impact within the ESG criteria."

Committed to Diversity and Inclusion

Logista is firmly committed to its social strategy, which sets the framework for ensuring that the Company is truly diverse and inclusive. The result of this strategy is reflected in the achievement of various international and national recognitions. For example, the Financial Times has recognized Logista as one of the most inclusive companies in Europe, including the company in the Diversity Leader ranking for the second consecutive year. Logista has also been distinguished 

for its inclusion programs with the Diversity Leading Company seal by the specialized publication "Equipos y Talento". Finally, it should be noted that Logista is part of the IBEX Gender Equality Index, made up of listed companies that have between 25% and 75% of women on their boards of directors, in addition to incorporating between 15% and 85% of women in senior management positions. They have 42% of female board members and 22% of women on the management committee.

About Logista

Logista is one of the largest logistics operators in southern Europe and is specialized in distribution to local channels. It regularly serves nearly 200,000 points of sale in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands and Poland, facilitating the best and fastest access to the market for a wide range of convenience products, pharmaceuticals, electronic recharging, books, publications, tobacco, and lotteries, among others.

In addition, it stands out for being the largest transport network in Spain, which is also certified in food safety.

Logista has a team of highly qualified professionals made up of 5,700 direct employees and 15,000 collaborators, focused on serving its customers in the most efficient way and adapted to their needs.

Commitment to Sustainability 

Logista has been included for the sixth consecutive year on CDP's "A List", which recognises global leaders in the fight against climate change. Logista is the only European retailer to make the list for six consecutive years. CDP also recognises Logista's work as a driver of sustainable change throughout its value chain and has reinstated Logista as a Supplier Engagement Leader. 

Furthermore, Logista's firm commitment to sustainability has been recognised in October 2022 by Sustainalytics, one of the leaders in the evaluation of Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance worldwide, which, after evaluating the Company's ESG criteria, has awarded it an ESG risk rating of 13.7 points, meaning that it is considered to be at Low Risk of experiencing material financial impacts due to ESG factors and has awarded it accreditation as Industry TOP RATED 2022 (among the 50 best ratings in the Transport industry).

Also, because of its firm commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, Logista has managed, for yet another year, to position itself among the leaders in the sector by being recognised in 2021 with an MSCI rating of AA, whose scale is AAA-CCC. 

Logista is also part of the FTSE4Good IBEX index, which includes companies that demonstrate sound environmental, social, and corporate governance practices, and the Ibex Gender Equality index.

About Fundación Integra  

Fundación Integra is a non-profit organization whose objective is the labor integration of people who belong to groups of severe social exclusion. Among them, women victims of gender violence,  people with disabilities, young people at risk, homeless people, ex-prisoners, long-term unemployed...   

Fundación Integra serves as a link between institutions, NGOs and companies willing to offer an opportunity to these people. 

This entity was founded in 2001 and since then, it has managed to get more than 19,600 contracts for people who have managed to rebuild their lives thanks to a job.