May 05, 2023
  • The company has announced its results for the first semester, in which it has increased net profits by 43%
  • In terms of regions, economic sales in Iberia have grown 62%, Italy they increased by 13% and France recorded a 5% rise compared to the previous year
  • Logista has been awarded the Ecovadis silver medal, establishing the company among the top industry players


Madrid, May 5th, 2023.- Logista, a leading logistics operator in Europe, has announced its results for

 the first semester of fiscal year 2023, in which it has reached €834 million in economic sales, a year-on-year rise of 40%, while its revenues experienced a growth of 9% with respect to 2022, up to €5,935 million.

In terms of profits, the company has registered a growth of 23% in its adjusted EBIT, reaching €183 million, and an increase of 43% in net profits, up to €126 million.


Results by regions

Iberia (Spain, Portugal and Poland)

Economic sales in Iberia reached €548 million, which represents a 62% increase compared to the same period of 2022. In terms of adjusted EBIT, the company reached €104 million, equivalent to a 35% growth in this region.



In Italy, economic sales reached €177 million, or a 13% increase YoY. In addition, the company’s adjusted EBIT rose by 7%, reaching €50 million.



Lastly, economic sales in France amounted to €111 million, representing a 5% growth compared to the previous year, while the adjusted EBIT reached €29 million, or a 15% improvement YoY.

Iñigo Meirás, CEO of Logista, stated: “we are pleased with the positive results obtained in the first semester of 2023, in which we have registered growth in the main indicators of our accounts. Throughout this first semester of 2023, we continued working on integrating our new acquisitions and have started to profit from the synergies achieved.”


Committed to sustainability

Logista has been awarded the Ecovadis silver medal and places it within the top 1% of companies in the industry.

The Ecovadis medal adds to other distinctions obtained previously by the company. Once again in 2022, CDP, which recognises global companies leading the fight against climate change, acknowledged Logista’s work as a driver of sustainable change through its value chain, including the company in its Supplier Engagement Leader category. In addition, Logista obtained a qualification of A- in its annual index, thus making it into the Leadership category one more year.

Moreover, Logista’s firm commitment to sustainability has been recognised once again in October 2022 by Sustainalytics, one of the top evaluators of Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance worldwide. After analysing the company’s ESG criteria, Sustainalytics awarded it an ESG risk classification of 13.7 over 100, highlighting its Low Risk of experiencing material financial impact due to ESG factors, and thus awarding an Industry TOP RATED 2023 accreditation, as number 11 among 365 evaluated companies in the Transportation industry.


Perspectives for 2023

The outstanding results obtained during this period, including the estimation of the stock value variation registered up to date, enable Logista to raise its forecast for the fiscal year 2023, to a growth of around 14% in Adjusted EBIT compared to 2022 figures. This growth takes into account that the estimated profit on inventory has mostly been recorded during the first semester and includes the contribution of the new acquisitions.

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