May 10, 2023
  • The company, a member of CEL, participated as a sponsor at the Healthcare Logistics Congress, which brought together a large number of companies, institutions, and experts associated with the logistics sector, in Santiago de Compostela.


NACEX, Logista’s express parcel and document delivery company, has participated as a sponsor in the Healthcare Logistics Congress organized by the Spanish Logistics Centre (CEL), on May the 8th and 9th in Santiago de Compostela , which has taken place under the slogan "Sustainability, digitalisation, and resilience, the keys to supply chain management".


The company, which has extensive experience in distribution for the healthcare sector, has presented the success story "INTEGRAL TAILORED SOLUTIONS FOR MBK-01, A NEW BIOLOGICAL MEDICATION", , together with the biopharmaceutical company, Mikrobiomik, to which it contributes with its specialised services and tailor-made solutions for the sector.


Thanks to the NACEX Pharma 2º-8º service, the biopharmaceutical company Mikrobiomik, dedicated to the research, development, production, and marketing of biological medicines based on the human microbiome, can distribute its medicine, at a controlled temperature, with all the guarantees and good distribution practices for the shipments it makes to the different hospitals participating in its clinical trials.


In the words of Celia Morales, Technical Director forMikrobiomik, “NACEX's support is essential for carrying out the specialised and tailored delivery of our clinical trials to hospitals. It is a trustworthy and sustainable partner that makes things easy for us, believes in the project and a has a team of staff that understands our logistics needs”.


At the Congress, Rakel Ramos, Director of the North Zone of NACEX, presented the tailored services and integral solutions that the company provides to the healthcare logistics sector, highlighting the experience in deliveries to hospitals. “It is a pleasure for us to show you our experience and our added value in healthcare logistics, together with Mikrobiomik, as well as our commitment to promoting technological development and innovation in the sector,” Rakel Ramos highlighted during her presentation.


In addition, NACEX has the first certification of conformity granted by AENOR for Good Practices in the Distribution of Medicines for human use and for veterinary use, according to the guidelines of the European Commission. This certification, together with numerous industry audits, guarantees that the NACEX quality system covers key aspects for the sector, ensuring a distribution service in accordance with current legislation.


About NACEX –

NACEX, which offers a wide range of services, is part of Logista, the leading distributor of products and services to local businesses in Southern Europe. NACEX has a fleet of over 2,500 vehicles and more than 3,500 collaborators, as well as a network of 33 hubs, over 300 franchises in Spain, Portugal, Andorra, and Benelux, and more than 2,700 points in Spain and Portugal.


About Logista –

Logista is one of the largest logistics operators in Southern Europe and specialises in distribution to proximity channels. It regularly provides a service to over 200,000 points of sale in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Benelux, and Poland, and facilitates the best and fastest access to the market for a wide range of convenience, electronic top-up, pharmaceutical, book, publication, tobacco, and lottery products, among others.

In addition, it stands out for being the largest transport network in Spain that, in addition, is certified in food safety.

Logista counts on a team of highly qualified professionals, made up of 7,000 direct employees and 15,000 collaborators, focussed on providing service to their clients in the most efficient way and adapting to their needs.