June 21, 2023
  • EMS Think Tanks are exclusive meetings with high-level experts that aim to promote more sustainable mobility and foster public-private collaboration.
  • From MITECO, Energy Savings Certificates are presented as a tool to promote the decarbonisation of transport and the mobility sector.

EMS- (The Business for Sustainable Mobility Platform) presented the 'EMS Think Tank', a series of exclusive meetings with high-level experts that aim to promote more sustainable mobility that is committed to new challenges.


These exclusive meetings – which back public-private collaboration and knowledge sharing between different agents in the sector – will analyse varied topics to provide solutions and offer recommendations that help address challenges and contribute to promoting change.


The first EMS Think Tank was held under the title "Towards the Decarbonization of Corporate Fleets" and was attended by Mar Blázquez, Deputy Director General for Energy Efficiency in the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO), in addition to 9 high-level representatives, formed by expert members of EMS and external experts,  among which NACEX is found:


●        Isabel Sánchez, CEO and Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Disfrimur.

●        Antonio Tuñón, CEO of Lodisna.

●        Paula Díaz-Caneja, Head of Environment and Quality at Alimerka.

●        Ester Mateu, Director of Processes at NACEX-

●        Héctor Cebrián, Public Affairs and Decarbonization Projects at Grupo Sesé

●        Jorge Ríos, CEO of etecnic-.

●        Gabriel García, Scalable Partner Manager at Webfleet (Bridgestone Mobility Solutions).

●        Sara Martín Cabrera, Senior Manager of Energy Products at Repsol.

●        Teresa Romo, Director of Development and Sustainability at Northgate.


During the meeting, those responsible for their design and implementation presented the Energy Saving Certificates (CAES) as a tool to promote the decarbonization of transport. A new system that, according to the Deputy Director General of Energy Efficiency from the MITECO, Mar Blázquez, "provides economic incentives for actions in all energy-consuming sectors, including transport and mobility."


In addition, more than 20 challenges and proposals have been identified to promote the decarbonisation of transport. Thus, the price of vehicles that contribute to decarbonisation, the role of the charging infrastructure, the lack of legal certainty for decision-making, the development of stable policies over time, the awareness of stakeholders, change management or the key role of some links in the value chain, emerged as key points to focus on.


A summary of the contributions, as well as all the conclusions and recommendations obtained at this first meeting, which had the support of Bridgestone, will be brought together in a White Paper that will be shared on June the 27th.



EMS Think Tanks came into being in order to contribute to improving mobility to make it more sustainable -in its three economic, social and environmental areas- and in a way that is respectful to the environment, safe, connected, and inclusive.


In addition, these expert meetings will provide a vision in order to facilitate the formulation of government policies, as well as decision-making by private and public organisations.


"We are proud to participate in the first EMS Think Tank and contribute to promoting sustainable mobility in the sector. At NACEX, as a benchmark in last-mile distribution and founding partners of the EMS platform, we are committed to the decarbonisation of corporate fleets. We are transforming our fleet towards electrification and reducing our environmental impact through initiatives such as our ECO Mobility program and charging station consolidation. In addition, our network of NACEX.shop points provide an ecological and flexible alternative to home deliveries. We will continue to lead the shift towards more sustainable logistics and demonstrate that it is possible to integrate sustainability into our company's DNA," said Ester Mateu, Director of Processes at NACEX.


"Hand in hand with leading companies that are driving change, we will become aware of best practices, the short, medium, and long-term vision, the challenges and threats encountered, as well as proposals for addressing them," said May López, Director of Development at EMS.


About EMS www.movilidadsostenible.com.es

EMS is a platform that brings together organisations that are committed to promoting sustainable mobility, contributing to The 2030 Agenda and sustainable growth from an economic, social, and environmental point of view.

Coordinators of the International Mobility Awards with the collaboration of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, the CONAMA Foundation and the Royal Academy of Engineering, the platform is a meeting point for professionals, administrations, and industry that are leading the mobility, transport, and commerce of the future. A forum for the co-creation and enhancement of benchmark solutions, which offers all the current information and trends within the sustainable mobility sector.

The EMS "Companies for Sustainable Mobility" platform has the support of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda and the IDAE (Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving). ADER, AEDIVE, Alfil Logistics, Alimerka, Allianz Seguros, Allianz Partners, Alphabet, ALSA, Alsea, Andamur, ASTIC, Atresmedia, Barcelona Centre Logístic, Bosch Service Solutions, Bridgestone, Centro Español de Logística, Coca-Cola, Cruz Roja Española, Cycling-Friendly, Dachser, Decathlon, ECOFIN, El Corte Inglés, EMASESA, emovili, etecnic, ETRA, EVBox, Fieldeas, FirstStop, Fraikin, Fundación Conama, Fundación Juan XXIII Roncalli, Gas & Go, Geever, Grupo Loalco, Ideagenia.com, ILUNION, Inquieto, Instituto de Desarrollo Asegurador, Johnson & Johnson, LeasePlan, L’Oréal, Mediapost, Midas, Mondial Relay, MONTY BIKES, Motorpress Ibérica, NACEX, Norauto, Qaleon, QEV Technologies, Redexis, Renault Trucks, Repsol, Volta Trucks, Webfleet Solutions, XCharge, YupCITY and Zeemcoin all form part of it as well.


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NACEX, which offers a wide range of services, is part of Logista, the leading distributor of products and services to local businesses in Southern Europe. NACEX has a fleet of over 2,500 vehicles and more than 3,500 collaborators, as well as a network of 33 hubs, over 300 franchises in Spain, Portugal, Andorra, and Benelux, and more than 2,700 NACEX.shop points in Spain and Portugal.


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In addition, it stands out for being the largest transport network in Spain that is also certified in food safety.  

Logista counts on a team of highly qualified professionals, made up of 7,000 direct employees and 15,000 collaborators, focussed on providing service to their clients in the most efficient way and adapting to their needs.