January 10, 2024
  • The company delivered to the Red Cross blankets made from recycled material at an event held in Madrid, which featured Juan José Guajardo-Fajardo on behalf of the company and Olga Diaz Escalona, the deputy of Social Inclusion manager at the Red Cross


Logista, one of Europe’s leading logistics operators, presented its collaboration with the Red Cross at an event held in Madrid, where both organisations formalised the delivery of blankets made from recycled material to people in vulnerable situations. Through this action, the company continues its commitment to the circular economy and social initiatives, making these blankets from its old uniforms, thus avoiding the generation of textile waste. The event was attended by Juan Jose Guajardo-Fajardo, Logista’s HR, Marketing and Communication Manager and Eva Imbernón, the HR Manager, along with Olga Diaz Escalona, Deputy Social Inclusion Manager and Ramón Jané Pallas, Social Inclusion Manager on behalf of the Red Cross.


During the handover ceremony together with the Red Cross, Logista emphasised the need to support projects that serve people in vulnerable situations. In this case, the blankets will be sent to the Centro de Atención Social Integral de Almería, given the current needs in that region, which has experienced a growing demand for services for people in situations of social exclusion.


Logista previously collaborated with social inclusion workshops through the startup Circoolar to make blankets from recycled material, an initiative for which it won a Scaleups B2B 2023 Award from Fundación Empresa y Sociedad.


Juan José Guajardo-Fajardo, Logista’s HR, Marketing and Communication Manager, highlighted during the event the fact that: “At Logista, we seek to integrate social commitment into our activity, in order to create a more united and sustainable community. Through this campaign, we are taking a significant step towards our goal of creating a positive impact on society and helping people in need. It has been an honour to join forces with the Red Cross to carry out this project.”


On behalf of the Red Cross, Olga Díaz Escalona said: “The delivery of this material will directly help to cover the basic needs of people in vulnerable situations. By providing them with warm clothing, we will alleviate the cold and improve their living conditions, which result from living in the open”


About Logista – www.logista.com

Logista is one of the largest logistics operators in Europe and specialises in distribution to local channels. It regularly serves almost 200,000 points of sale in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands and Poland and offers the best and fastest market access to a wide range of convenience products, pharmaceuticals, electronic top-up, books, publications, tobacco and lotteries, among others. It is also notable for being the largest transport network in Spain, which is also certified in food safety.   


Logista has a team of highly qualified professionals made up of more than 7,450 direct employees and a large number of collaborators such as Nacex franchisees, Logista Parcel delegates, drivers, etc. Employees and collaborators all work focused on serving their customers in the most efficient way and adapted to their needs.    


Commitment to Sustainability

Logista has appeared on CDP’s A List, which recognises global leaders in the fight against climate change, for the sixth consecutive year. Logista is the only European distributor to be included in this list for six consecutive years. CDP has also recognised Logista’s work as a driver of sustainable change throughout its value chain and has listed it in the Supplier Engagement Leader category. 


Furthermore, Logista’s firm commitment to sustainability was recognised in October 2022 by Sustainalytics, one of the world’s foremost evaluators of Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance. After assessing the Company’s ESG criteria, it has awarded it an ESG risk rating of 13.7 points, thus classifying it as being at Low Risk of experiencing material financial exposure to ESG factors and certifying it as Industry TOP RATED 2022 - which assesses high performance in its sector beyond the Sustainalytics comprehensive coverage universe - earning it one of the top 50 ratings in the transport industry.


Another consequence of its firm commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is that Logista has once again been placed among the leaders in the sector by being recognised in 2022 with an MSCI rating of AA, on a scale of AAA-CCC. 


Logista is also listed on the FTSE4Good IBEX index, which comprises companies that exhibit strong environmental, social and corporate governance practices, and on the Ibex Gender Equality index. It was also included in the Ibex 35 in 2022.