April 09, 2024


  • The renewal of the TAPA FSR - Level A certificate reflects the level of excellence achieved in safety and security by NACEX at its Coslada Hub.

NACEX, Logista’s express parcel and document delivery company, has successfully passed the external audit to renew the TAPA FSR - Level A certificate at its Coslada Hub.


The TAPA "A" certificate indicates the level of excellence achieved in safety and security by NACEX at this facility. The company initially obtained it in 2021, therefore its renewal confirms its validity as no deviations have been identified in compliance with the requirements set out in the regulations.


For NACEX and its customers, it is a priority to be able to guarantee the safety and security of goods throughout their entire chain of operations, from the moment they are received at the hubs until they leave them. To be able to do this, the company invests in the latest technologies available and in improving the guidelines for action, both for internal staff and the circuits for visiting its facilities.


"One of the hallmarks of NACEX is our high level of safety and security. To achieve this, we take exceptional care when it comes to the measures we implement at hubs and franchise offices to guarantee the integrity of the goods we have custody of. The collaboration of our entire network is fundamental in this regard," says Manuel Orihuela, Managing Director of NACEX.


TAPA is an international organisation of security professionals working to ensure the integrity and resilience of supply chains, facilitating sustainable risk management and loss prevention through proven security standards. In addition, NACEX has obtained other certificates that recognise the company's continuous improvement strategy, such as GDPs, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO14064, among others.


The NACEX cross-docking hub in Coslada handles and sorts an average of 53,000 parcels and 32,000 envelopes per day. The facility is equipped with the latest recording, traceability, and safety and security technologies, such as a Videocoding classification system to detect unread or erroneous labels; 153 Full HD digital cameras, 13 with 360° recording capability, and temperature-controlled storage and pre-storage areas for the Pharma sector. It also meets the highest sustainability standards, as demonstrated by the LEED Gold certification from the US Green Building Council.


About NACEX - www.nacex.es

NACEX, which offers a wide range of services, is part of Logista, the leading distributor of products and services to local businesses in Southern Europe. NACEX has a fleet of over 2,500 vehicles and more than 4,000 collaborators, as well as a network of 33 hubs, over 300 franchises in Spain, Portugal, and Andorra, and more than 3,500 NACEX.shop points in Spain and Portugal.


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Logista is one of the largest logistics operators in Europe and specialises in distribution to proximity channels. It regularly provides a service to over 200,000 points of sale in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Benelux, and Poland. It facilitates the best and fastest access to the market for a wide range of convenience, electronic top-up, pharmaceutical, book, publication, tobacco, and lottery products, among others. It also stands out for being the largest transport network in Spain, which is also certified in food safety. Logista has a team of highly qualified professionals, made up of 7,000 direct employees and 15,000 collaborators, focussed on providing service to their clients in the most efficient way and adapting to their needs.