June 21, 2024
  • The company is sponsoring the project being run by a youth association of students from Valencia Polytechnic University.
  • Logista will be responsible for transporting the prototype from Valencia to the European Hyperloop Week in Switzerland.

Logista, one of the largest logistics operators in Europe, is collaborating with the Hyperloop UPV project, a revolutionary means of transport that combines innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability which is being engineered by students from the Valencia Polytechnic University.


Hyperloop UPV has been developed by a team of 50 students from multiple disciplines at Valencia Polytechnic University who have come together to design, implement and perfect hyperloop technology. This groundbreaking technology sustainably combines the comfort of a train with the speed of an aeroplane. It thus manages to reduce distance and time, revolutionising how we move. This vehicle can reach speeds of 1,000 kph in a 100% environmentally-friendly way thanks to magnetic levitation and vacuum technology.


Logista is one of the main sponsors of the project, which was presented at the Santiago Grosolía auditorium of the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia on 19 June. As part of the collaboration, Logista Parcel was responsible for moving the prototype from the workshop to the auditorium. Logista Freight will then transport the vehicle to Switzerland, where it will be presented at the European Hyperloop Week, an event aimed at industry leaders and university teams from around the world so they can share the work and execution of this project.


“We find this initiative exciting for several reasons. Firstly, because it is committed to young talent, having witnessed the participation of university students from various specialisms. On the other hand, we believe it is a highly innovative project that will offer an ecological means of transport and that aims to contribute to building a sustainable future”, emphasised Juan José Guajardo-Fajardo, Director of HR, Marketing and Communication at Logista during the presentation of the project in Valencia.


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Logista is one of the largest logistics operators in Europe and specialises in distribution to local channels. It regularly serves almost 200,000 points of sale in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland and offers the best and fastest market access to a wide range of convenience products, pharmaceuticals, electronic top-up, books, publications, tobacco and lotteries, among others It is also notable for being the largest transport network in Spain, which is also certified in food safety.   


Logista has a team of highly qualified professionals made up of more than 7,450 direct employees and a large number of collaborators such as Nacex franchisees, Logista Parcel delegates, drivers, etc. Employees and collaborators all work focused on serving their customers in the most efficient way and adapted to their needs.