Logista considers its professionals and collaborators a key factor in achieving its business targets and in generating short, medium and long-term value.

15,000 collaborators

+ 7.445 professionals

of 50 nationalities in 7 countries

95% of employees with a permanent contract

Talent attraction and recruitment

Market-competitive Compensation and Benefits Policy

Labour Safety and Health

Promoting employment

Logista is committed to job creation and maintenance, promoting a long-term labour relationship with its employees in a working atmosphere with high levels of motivation and satisfaction.

Some 15,000 professionals habitually collaborate with the Group, with more than 7.445 direct employees in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Poland and Netherlands in 2023, 95% of its professionals have a permanent contract.


Talent Attraction and Recruitment

Logista manages talent aimed at short, medium and long-term achievement of targets and value creation. At that aim, it has defined and implemented homogeneous and market-competitive policies, processes and tools to attract and recruit the best candidates for the Group.

As example, it stands out the implementation of teams management policies, the participation in the main forums at business schools, universities and jobs fairs in each country, the improvement and fostering of tools for selection processes, the attraction of junior profiles, through the “Youners” project, aiming at developing their careers in the Group or the welcome and integration plans for new employees.


Professionals’ training and development

Our training programs foster an increase in the attendee’s knowledge, sharing of best practices and internal networking.

Training is mainly focused in areas such as leadership, sales, project management and technical knowledge.

We also foster geographical and functional mobility to boost its employees’ professional development.


Compensation and Benefits Policy

Logista’s policy’s main target is to implement competitive conditions when compared to the market, both at individual and global levels, aiming at recruiting and keeping the best professionals.

At that aim, we carry out benchmark and internal equity studies, favouring decision-making and teams management across departments, permanently updating position assessments with regards to the market.


Teams motivation

Logista promotes a fluid and transparent dialogue with its staff, keeping bidirectional communication and dialogue channels.

Periodical communication in the Group’s intranet is boosted regarding the most relevant information and main projects for the Group and each of its businesses.

Also, the Logista’s Labour Relations Excellence Centre has the fundamental aim of fostering a stable and long-term labour framework favouring the development of its employees and businesses.


Safety, Health and well-being

We undertake employees’ safety, health and wellbeing as a Group core value, and seek a safe and healthy working atmosphere.

Logista continues consolidating its OHSAS 18001:2007 certification, the international standard defining an organised management for preventing labour risks.

Also, Logista proactively manages labour health, safety and wellbeing of its employees. For this reason, it organises workshops with benchmark occupational health centres to progress in the implementation of improvements to risk prevention in work centres.

Logista informs its employees on possible health risks in their jobs and implements specific training in all businesses.


Diversity, equality, non discrimination and ethical behaviour

Our Social Responsibility Policy expressly includes Logista’s commitment to diversity, equal opportunities and non discrimination in every form.

  • Diversity: professionals of over 50 nationalities work at Logista.
  • Equality: the Group has developed different actions aimed at equality, such as the distribution of leaflets, the creation of a protocol to prevent harassment, etc.
  • No discrimination: Logista continuously seeks very proactive collaboration with different foundations and associations to help and employ collectives with disability and at risk of social exclusion, helping them to enter the labour market.

The Group’s Code of Conduct includes these principles and sets the behaviour guidelines for all employees, securing its maximum dissemination and knowledge through the Group’s intranet.