Social Action

Logista keeps an active commitment to several social initiatives, mainly at a local level, and promotes the participation of all those related to the Group (employees, franchises, delegations, etc.) and collaborates in projects proposed by them for developing its social responsibility.


Humanitarian, welfare and integrating initiatives

Logista works with a range of foundations and associations that support and employ those with disabilities at risk of exclusion, with the aim of helping to integrate them into the labour market. In 2020, 108 Logista employees had disabilities. 

Contributions to foundations and non-profit organisations in 2020 were destined to beneficiate those active in the areas of humanitarian response and social welfare and integration. These funds will be used to improve the quality of life of society’s most vulnerable groups.

The majority of these contributions take the form of donations of consumer goods and transport services for the collection, distribution and delivery of food, personal hygiene products, etc., to parishes, social canteens and other frontline support providers.

Logista’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy is aligned with the United Nations Global Compact principles on human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption. This explicit commitment by the Company is integral to its business, and extends to all its employees, clients and suppliers, to respect and guarantee Human Rights compliance.