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Shareholders and Investors


Logista keeps a commitment to permanent dialogue and the creation of long-term sustainable value, ensuring corporate profit as one of the bases for the future sustainability of the society in general and of the Group in particular


Dividend per share
in 2020


Earnings per Share
in 2020



Logista’s dividends policy, subject to approval by the General Shareholders Meeting, consists in an annual pay out of at least 90% of the annual Consolidated Net Profit.

The total dividend indebted to fiscal year 2020 was €1.18 per share, same amount as that distributed in dividend allocated to the previous financial year, and representing a payout of 99.2%.


Logista’s share

Since the 2014 financial year-end, the year in which the company was listed once again, Logista has maintained its value (+0.2% annually average appreciation), compared to an average annual decline of 8.2%, 4.5% and 4.8% on the Madrid Stock Exchange General Index, IBEX Top Dividend and IBEX Medium Cap respectively over the same period.

At the 2020 financial year-end, the Logista share price stood at €14.6.

Logista is listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange General Index, and the IBEX Top Dividend, which lists the 25 securities with the greatest dividend yield from those included in the IBEX 35, IBEX Medium Cap and IBEX Small Cap indexes, provided they demonstrate a history of payment of ordinary dividends for at least two years. It is also listed on the IBEX Medium Cap (the index listing the 20 largest securities after those listed on the IBEX 35 by market capitalisation adjusted for free float, provided the annualised turnover of securities on their free float is greater than 15%) and the FTSE4Good index, which lists companies that demonstrate sound environmental, social and corporate governance practices.

Integrity and transparency

of information


of all shareholders

Prudent management

of financial and
non-financial risks


Integrity and transparency of the information

Logista manages the relationship with investors and shareholders through the Investor Relations and Strategic Analysis department, with a commitment to maximum information transparency.

The Logista’s Policy on Information and Communications with shareholders, the securities markets and the public opinion establishes the company’s information, communications and contact instruments, and defines the criteria when communicating and contacting shareholders, analysts and large investors.

This Policy also rules the information provided by the Group to the media through press releases on the Group’s results and businesses developments, contracts signed or any other aspect deemed as relevant.


Equal treatment

All Logista’s shares are of a single class and series and have the same rights, so every shareholder has the same rights on an equal and equitable basis, notwithstanding the number of shares owned, including the attendance to the General Shareholders Meeting.


Prudent and responsible management of the risks

The Corporate Risk Management system is included in the Group’s General Risk Management Policy, providing the guidelines to integrate all information of the Group’s different functions and operations and so providing an integral vision improving the Management’s ability to efficiently manage risks while minimizing the impacts if they were materialized.

The Logista´s risks management methodology is explained exhaustively in the  Annual Report on Corporate Governance 2020.


Communication channels with Shareholders and Investors
  • Personal contact
  • Participation in seminars and forums
  • Roadshows and personal visits
  • Meetings or audio webcasts to inform about results
  • Specific email and phone for shareholders and investors