June 07, 2021
  • The new ECONOMY services offer greater efficiency and effectiveness in the first delivery attempt.
  • Deliveries are primarily channelled through the network of NACEX.shop points.


NACEX, Logista’s express parcel and documentation delivery company, continues moving forward in order to adapt to the current market environment by launching its new ECONOMY services, aimed at clients selling online.

By means of this launch, NACEX seeks to promote the handling of shipments via its network of NACEX.shop points. The company aims to continue satisfying new demands and guarantee a more sustainable growth in electronic commerce, which has seen a sharp increase in shipments since the pandemic began.

The new ECONOMY service offers new conditions for shipments made by online shops and for consignees, who will benefit from more convenient and flexible deliveries and returns together with the NACEX delivery guarantee.

In turn, these new solutions are in line with the commitment maintained by NACEX towards the environment and the reduction of its carbon footprint.



eNACEX ECONOMY has come about in order to provide a response to growing demand in the e-commerce market, and to allow consignees to receive their shipments within a period of 48/72 hours at home.

This service has been designed to make delivery more convenient for the consignee, and that is why efforts have been focussed on guaranteeing the effectiveness of the first delivery attempt. In the event of an incident, the consignee will be able to conveniently pick up the shipment at the nearest NACEX.shop point, without having to wait for a second delivery attempt.

In addition, this service provides them with the possibility of setting the preferences for receiving the shipment beforehand, with new alternatives to home delivery.

The consignee will receive a notification that will allow them to choose between:

  • Picking up their parcel at one of the 2,200 NACEX.shop points from 0900 hrs to 1200 hrs, depending on the chosen point’s opening hours.
  • Requesting that their parcel is delivered to a neighbour or location adjoined to the address indicated.

By means of the eNACEX.shop ECONOMY service, delivery will be made directly to the NACEX.shop point chosen by the consignee within a period of 48/72 hours, with all the advantages that these points offer: to receive the parcel sooner, to have a more sustainable delivery, to not have to wait for the courier at home, or to have greater privacy.

In order to attain a simpler, more convenient, and more efficient returns service for both the consignee and the client, NACEX also provides the Returns ECONOMY service via its NACEX.shop network.

In its quest to guarantee service quality and excellence, NACEX has put exclusive communication systems into operation, thanks to a new free telephone line 900 20 21 21, and more personalized customer service via the new chatbot at www.nacex.com. 


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NACEX has a wide range of services available and forms part of Logista, the leading distributor of products and services to local retailers in the South of Europe.

NACEX has a fleet of over 1,600 vehicles and more than 3,000 collaborators, as well as a network of 32 hubs, over 300 franchise offices in Spain, Portugal, and Andorra, and more than 2,200 NACEX.shop points in Spain and Portugal.


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