Restated quaterly information fiscal year 2021

At the close of the 2021 fiscal year, there were some changes in the Group’s financial reporting which affected the comparability of different fiscal years, with the result that the figures reported during that fiscal year have been re-expressed so as to ensure comparability.

The changes consist of considering the Supergroup subsidiary (previously in the sub-segment ‘Other Businesses France’) as an asset available for sale, the separate reporting of the business of Logista Pharma (currently in the sub-segment ‘Pharmaceutical Distribution Iberia’, but previously part of ‘Other Businesses Iberia’) and the inclusion of business in Poland in the sub-segment ‘Tobacco and Related Products Iberia’ (it was previously in the segment ‘Corporate and Other’).

Finally, the segment ‘Corporate and Other’ disappears, and the corporate expenses are apportioned among the other three segments.


  Restated quaterly information 2021